KCleaner Portable

KCleaner Portable 3.1.3

Automatically get rid of redundant files


  • Quick analysis and cleaning
  • You can select which file types to erase
  • Two interface modes
  • No installation required


  • Limited scheduling options


KCleaner Portable is a simple yet powerful system cleaner that helps you get rid of cache files, cookies, temporary files, logs and other similar useless elements.

With KCleaner Portable you can erase all these temporary junk files in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is run the program and select the elements you'd like to erase from the list in the program's options. Then click on the "Analyse" button and KCleaner Portable will search your system in search of the file types you just selected. Finally click on "Clean" and you're done!

KCleaner Portable has two interface modes, the Basic and the Expert. The first one is a smaller window with less information – so as not to confuse or scare beginners - while the second one displays a list with all the results where you can select which files should be deleted and which should stay.

As well as the standard manual cleaning method, KCleaner Portable also includes an automatic mode that can be set to run according to the time interval selected by the user. Unfortunately this time interval is not very flexible, as it only includes hours and it doesn't work if the program is closed.

KCleaner Portable is a simple, quick tool with which you can easily get rid of all junk files on your system.

KCleaner Portable


KCleaner Portable 3.1.3

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